Sunday, May 29, 2005
posted 5/29/2005 08:26:00 PM UTC+12, McMurdo Local Time

So, it's 1:26am local time here in Boulder (I'm about to set the time on this blog to GMT+12, McMurdo local time) and I'm sitting here typing one-handed, listening to Sublime, eating chips, and learning just enough CSS to make this blog unique-ish and cleanly styled. It's kind of fun to learn some new geeky stuff, but I'm remembering how I used to get into a weird pattern during the summertime where each day would start and end a little later than the last...

What's been happening today? I slept in, went on a nice 5-6 hour hike from my door to Bear Pk and back by a longer route, ate, met L's (she's one of my housemates) parents, organized some paperwork, then started goofing off on the net - eventually creating this thing. Life is good! Today I found myself missing playing with electronics; pouring over datasheets, breadboarding, paging through digikey, using my nifty old oscilliscope, doing PCB layouts, the smell of rosin burning against hot copper clad. I'm a geek. Maybe I just miss having the tools and materials around to build practically anything I wanted, who knows, I'll spend some time in GA before leaving and can goof off a bit then. Maybe CU will let me use their shops when I'm a student, we'll find out in time.

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