Tuesday, December 27, 2005
posted 12/27/2005 07:22:00 PM UTC+12, McMurdo Local Time

Wading in the Ross Sea

Pretty neat work day today! Started out at 7:30 again, which was nice since it seemed like sleeping in after doing the heliport for the last week or so. Spent the first part of the morning filling up a pallet full of premix (regular gas with 2-cycle oil added) drums that'll get shipped off to the south pole. Nothing too exciting there, but it's not bad work.

After lunch however, we had a bit more interesting task. The hose that runs out to Willy field starts off on solid ground on a hill, then runs down to the transition zone between the ground and the ice. A lot of the ice at the transition has started melting and being generally turned to slush by moving tides, dirt, pressure from the ice. The problem here is that if we just leave things as they are, the hose would end up in the water and would later freeze into place when things cool off again over the next month or two. A hose frozen in ice is a very nasty problem to deal with, so it's something that we generally try to avoid. So, to prevent the hose from dipping too far into the water, we went over there with waders, some string, and an innertube to fix the problem. The water wasn't quite as cold as I would have guessed, but it's definitely not warm! The bottom was a bit slick too (it is ice afterall,) so you have to be really careful about slipping around or going in too deep. Managed to get the innertube squeezed under the hose and tied into place without incident, and had a good time getting it done!

Ian tubing in the RossMelting in the ice

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