Sunday, January 22, 2006
posted 1/22/2006 01:53:00 PM UTC+12, McMurdo Local Time

Finally, a day off! First day off after working 13 days straight, many of those being 11-12 hour workdays. Not a whole lot of new stuff going on here really. We've got a film festival coming up in an hour or so, which should be interesting. Went to the waste department party last night, it was fun but nothing really special. Tanker's still not in and I don't have any new info on where it's at unfortunately. The town crew went ahead and hooked up the town side of the hoses that will be later be connected to the tanker for offload. Doc, Tonya, Bodie, and I spent part of yesterday evening building a little foot bridge over the hoses so that the Hut Point race that happened this morning could cross them safely. Will be back on the town crew Monday morning, which is something I'm really glad about - more because I'll be getting back on a normal schedule than because of the workload. The weird work schedules down here have been a pretty constant thorn in my side down here since October, hopefully though that'll be done with as soon as tanker offload is over. When the tanker is in, fuels switches to a 24 hour operation for a few days and I'll be working in another swing shift type situation, mostly at Willy, during that.

Did some research on how much AN8 we've got on station, sounds like the number in that long email I posted earlier was correct. His total is pretty much the sum of every drop of AN8 on station including our bulk tanks, aviation tanks at Willy, aviation tanks at Pegasus, and the fuel sitting in our miles of pipelines and hoses. According to Scott (my boss, not Jim Scott,) and he said that if we really had to, we could get all that except for about 140,000 gallons into airplanes bound for pole. So, things are kind of tight. Just wanted to follow up with my personal opinion post from earlier.

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