Monday, October 31, 2005
posted 10/31/2005 08:09:00 PM UTC+12, McMurdo Local Time

Big machines!

Fun day! Nearly perfect weather all day - warm and only a slight breeze all day long. Started out the morning with the morning meeting as usual, only this one took a fair amount longer since we went over willy hose lay stuff and were introduced to a safety guy who we'll be working with for the next few days. Supposedly, he's going to be helping out with the project to get a better idea of how to do it more ergonomically. This whole safety thing is part of the same one that says we can't lift more than 40Lbs without assistance or tools, or stand 4 feet above anything without fall protection gear. *cough* Great program *cough*. Anyways, it should at least be free labor, so that's cool. Next, Matt and I got back to work getting setup for the big hose lay project. I had to get a snowmobile from one side of the peninsula (near the ice runway) to the other (near Scott Base.) That entailed spending nearly an hour trying to get it to start, a few minutes of tweaking the carburetor settings to keep it going, then 45 minutes of driving! Probably a good thing that I was driving one of the ancient "Alpine 1's", which are designed more for pulling stuff than our new machine that has a speedo that goes to 130. After lunch we bolted a couple big sections of culvert together with the help of a Caterpillar 950 loader to get things lined up, directed the digging of a trench, put down some dunnage, lay in the culvert, and bury it with snow. Tomorrow we will be laying out the first several hundred feet of hose, including the section that will go through the culvert that we created today. Finished up the work day with gathering together small stuff for the hose lay and loading it into the Pisten Bully. Fun day!

Out the windshield of the snowmobileMaking a Kiwi Crossing

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