Monday, January 02, 2006
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Monday Monday

Wow, what a weekend! After that last post, I went back home to find a bunch of people getting started with their New Years celebrating on our tiny balcony at MMI. Hung out there for a bit, then helped out with setting up our 'under the radar' new years thing (basically just helped with lugging stuff up to the location.) Had a blast bringing in 2006, until something like 3am when I was completely exhausted and had to go to bed. Most fun New Years party I've ever been to, and the general consensus is it was the best party on the ice this season!

Sunday was IceStock 2006, a big open air concert that happens annually at McMurdo. We have several good bands this year that were all interested in performing, so it was a pretty long event. Also had a chili cookoff mixed in, which turned out to be pretty neat even though my tummy didn't feel too good after all that chili and junk food. Ate dinner after IceStock, helped out with cleaning up the newyears party site, watched a movie in the lounge at MMI, then headed off for bed.

Today is my first day on "PM Pits," which basically means I show up at work at noon, ride a Delta out to Willy Field, then stay there until around 10pm fueling planes as needed. Relative to "Town Crew," what I've been doing most of the season, it's generally a pretty relaxed task, so I'm looking forward to recovering from working really hard for the last couple months. I'll be on PM Pits for three weeks, which means that I'll be working Pits when tanker offload takes place. Things will be much more busy when offload is going on, so I'll likely be working 12 hour shifts between 11am and 11pm, but it should be an interesting event so I'm looking forward to that.

People heading up to the now famous Milvan Party
Icestock crowdIcestock 06

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