Sunday, January 29, 2006
posted 1/29/2006 02:22:00 PM UTC+12, McMurdo Local Time

Saturday was an interesting day at work, the night shift people have begun transitioning to nights, so we were basically half staffed. Had to do a Willy transfer, which pretty much occupied all but one of us all day long. Had a couple volunteers, a janitor and a DA (dining room assistant,) helping out, so that was fun and it definitely helped out with the job. Ended up staying up super late with Trevor, who's transitioning to nights, cleaning up Gallaghers after a big party, playing cribbage, drinking coffee, and visiting with friends. Had a good time, but stayed up a bit too late - went to bed about 5am. I'm switching back to a noon to midnight type shift for working the Willy pits with Matt during tanker offload, so I need to be going to bed sometime around 3am instead of 5. Whatever.

Inside our tiny hydroponic greenhouse - the plants in the foreground are actually just as green as the others, seems that my camera doesn't like the grow lights in that room so the colors are distorted.
Inside the McMurdo Greenhouse

Sunday's been relaxed as usual thus far, had the normal waffle brunch, sat around visiting for a couple hours, took care of some chores including posting to the old journal!

It's looking like I'm going to have to delay the AT presentation for another week since I'll probably be working next Thursday night when it's currently scheduled. Fortunately, Ben has a presentation ready to go that he's willing to do on a moment's notice, so if anything comes up he can fill in my spot and I'll do it the following week. Didn't get my box of stuff mailed, so I'll likely have to just carry it out as part of my baggage on the flight back to Christchurch. Oh well.

Got this email today and figured some people might find it useful:


The Denver Job Fair will be held on Friday April 7th from 10am-7pm at the RPSC headquarters in Centennial.


Andrea Dixon
Sr. HR Generalist
McMurdo Station
Raytheon Polar Services Co.

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