Friday, October 07, 2005
posted 10/07/2005 03:53:00 PM UTC+12, McMurdo Local Time

Quick update

Yesterday evening I was goofing around on the computers at the YMCA and ran into my friend Shelton from the AT. Shelton will be a prep cook at McMurdo, and is scheduled to go down to the ice on the same flight that I'm headed down on. Hadn't seen her since somewhere in New Hampshire on the trail in 2003, so that was kind of cool. We visited for a bit, then she headed off to bed to sleep off the long flight over here from LA.

This morning after breakfast (Fruit Delight Muesli - very tasty stuff!) I went for a long walk up to the Antarctic Centre, took care of email, then finally took the Antarctic tour that's advertised all over town. The tour was pretty neat, they had several interesting displays, including one where people go into a room that gets chilled and windy. It's advertised as being an 'Antarctic Storm,' but I have a feeling the real thing is colder and windier, and has a bit less visibility... Had fish and chips for lunch (the little stand on Catherdral Square is better and half as expensive,) then read for a while in my NZ travel guide to get some ideas for things to do after the ice. So many options!

Talking with Liesl (south pole winter station manager, also south pole fuelie and generally cool person) this evening, I found out that the plane that was heading for McMurdo today boomeranged, so those guys should be back in town in the next hour and a half or so. That most likely means that I'll be spending tomorrow in NZ instead of in the back of a C17, so that's neat. The tentative plan is to take a bus over to Littleton and see what it's like over there unless the weather is nasty. Anyways, that's all for now - I'm off to track down Shelton (who should be finishing up with orientation) and grab some dinner!

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