Sunday, November 06, 2005
posted 11/06/2005 01:32:00 PM UTC+12, McMurdo Local Time

More of the usual Willy hose stuff over the last couple days. Spent the remainder of Friday working on the hose project, and then all of Saturday. Got a bunch of hose done, so that was neat. I've pretty much been in charge of marking the line, so my arms are pretty sore from drilling hundreds of holes in the snow/ice with a gas powered auger to plant blue bamboo flags every 50 feet to mark the hose. Also built a bridge across the line for a snowmobile crossing, which was a fun little project. We've been working with Matt (one of three Matts involved in this project) from the safety department, which has been interesting. The cool thing about Matt is that rather than just looking at what we're doing and making policy changes, he comes out and actually works with us to better understand the job and make it safer. It's been fun to see his perspective on things and what could be changed, although it sounds like he thinks we're doing things about as safely and efficiently as possible. One thing that I found a little amusing is that "safety Matt"'s two big hobbies are martial arts and skydiving. He says skydiving is one of the safest sports out there because you'll only ever mess up once.

After working on the willy hose on Saturday, I got changed into some normal clothes, ate, then visited with friends at the cafe learning how to play cribbage. Neat little game - think I'm starting to get the hang of it! Spent some time doing laundry and cleaning up the room a bit. Think I'm going to scrounge around for some wood to build some furniture to get more storage space sometime.

So far this Sunday I've slept in, eaten a nice waffle breakfast, read some in my new book "The Dancing Wu-Li Masters" (it's about quantum physics - not crazy dancing guys,) and spent some time on the computer as is usual when these posts get posted. Did get a couple pictures added here:

Working with reels of hose on a Challenger trailerJody and John goofing around by the "golf ball" (a radar installation above town) - those buildings are McMurdo
Hooking up a new reel of hoseJody and John being goofy above McMurdo

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