Saturday, December 03, 2005
posted 12/03/2005 06:05:00 PM UTC+12, McMurdo Local Time


Lots of things going on at work lately, but not a lot interesting stories about them. We've been moving the runway fueling stuff from the Ice Runway out to Willy Field, which thankfully has been a pretty uneventful process so far. We're making the move in stages so that the airplane fueling capacity is uninterrupted, which makes things a little tricky at times. The aft pumphouse at ice runway (we have two pumphouses, they're designated fore and aft when they're in the same place) was taken down on Wednesday and drug out to Willy Field (it's on skis as are most buildings that live out of McMurdo) on Wednesday night. After the pumphouse was hooked up on Thursday, we started unhooking a couple of the tanks at the ice runway, which were then supposed to get moved out to Willy last night, but that didn't happen for some reason. Yesterday we hooked up and tested a pump sled at the ice runway that usually gets used out at Pegasus (our white ice runway, which isn't in use at the moment) to serve the minimal fueling needs at the ice runway and unhooked the fore pits. That was interesting as we had a bit of a windstorm come up, which kicked up a good bit of snow and had visibility down to the 40' range at times (see picture below.) Willy field is now our primary airfield, as most of the runway buildings are either there or in transit. Hopefully by Monday we'll only have one plane using the ice runway, which is the Kiwi C130 cargo plane that will be operating there until the 10th since it doesn't have skis and therefore can't land at Willy Field.

Today was a day full of lots of small projects; started out with improving our "spinner" for rolling 6" hose onto the big reels (thing holding up the hose in the foreground below,) then using it to reel a few hundred feet hose onto one of those giant orange reels, then worked on putting up some (dumb) signs to remind people that they need to pay attention to their nozzle when fueling vehicles (reactionary thing prompted by somebody being dumb and spilling about 20 gallons of diesel fuel the other day since they weren't paying attention,) shoveled a fair amount of snow, emptied out some 2-cycle oil jugs that we had accumulated, and all kinds of smaller tasks. Here are some pictures:

Top-Left:Brian and I rolling up a bunch of hose in the fuels barn.
Top-Right:Standing on Scharen
Bottom-Left:Doc working on the Pegasus sled in a storm
Bottom-Right:LC-130 taking off from Ice Runway.

Rolling up 6 inch hoseIan on Delta Scharen
Doc working on the Pegasus pump sled in a herbieLC-130 taking off from Ice Runway

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