Friday, November 25, 2005
posted 11/25/2005 10:58:00 AM UTC+12, McMurdo Local Time


Been working on lots of little things around the fuels barn lately - organizing and taking inventory of one of our storage pads, cutting up and drying a bunch of bad hoses to get rid of them, fixing small things, etc. Today we've got a short day because there's an "all hands" meeting at 3pm, so we're getting off early for that. We have Saturday off for Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving in Antarctica happens the Saturday after Thanksgiving in the states,) then Sunday off to recover from having Saturday off (or just because we don't usually work on Sundays.) Looking forward to having some play time - planning on running in the annual "Turkey Trot," which is a 5K run/walk race that winds around town, out onto the sea ice, then back through town. Should be fun! Of course we have a big thanksgiving meal (might end up being two for me if I eat with the night shift people too!) and all that, which everybody on station is looking forward to. No plans other than that, but I'm sure that there won't be a lot of sitting around since there's always a bunch of stuff to do on weekends around here. Next week should be busy since we'll be moving a bunch of equipment from the ice runway out to willy field and setting it up there. There's been some road construction work going on just out of town, which has been neat to watch. Here's a picture someone else took of a blast yesterday that I got to see from up in the tank farm. When the blast went off, the shockwave went through our big solid fuel pipes around town and made all kinds of weird noises up at the farm - hard to describe, but it was neat!
Blasting near Fortress Rocks

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