Sunday, January 15, 2006
posted 1/15/2006 10:29:00 PM UTC+12, McMurdo Local Time

Saturday was pretty much a normal day at work, had a nice time playing cribbage and visiting with Jay Hay and Tonya. Saved the day by getting the galley truck unstuck after it sunk into snow up to the front axle, other than that not much happened.

Today, on the other hand, was a loooong day. Saturday at the pits I found out that there would be a twin otter coming in today (Sunday) that would need fuel. Usually, we don't fuel planes on Sundays, so I volunteered to go out and deal with it rather than tracking down people after work and talking someone else into going out to Willy on their day off. Figured that it would be a quick trip to Willy that might take an hour and a half total. Stupid stupid Ian. Got word at about 11 this morning that they were going to need fuel a little after noon, so I hopped on the next shuttle out of town. Got the aft fuel pits setup and ready, then fueled the plane right on schedule. Perfect timing, smooth setup, all's well right?

Then, talked to the pilot after fueling, one of the other twin otters would need fuel in two hours. Kind of stinks, but no big deal. Then, he told me that they were going to be back around 6pm needing fuel. There goes the day! Killed a couple hours taking care of some computer stuff over in the vacant (it's Sunday, who would work on Sunday?) cargo shack, fueled the second plane. Today was the annual Kiwi vs US ice rugby match, which happens near the Scott Base transition on the way out to Willy. Nothing but snow between where I was and the rugby match, so I hopped on the snowmobile and zoomed over there to watch the game. Had a good time, took some pictures, got cold. Drove back to Willy when the game was over and read for a bit in one of my travel books on New Zealand, ate some dinner, then hung out playing cards with the DAs (Dining room Assistants) who were running the Willy Galley. Then, right about 6pm when I was wondering where the plane was, I got a call on the radio saying that they wouldn't be in until 8pm. Fortunately, the caller also let me know that there was a party over at Scott Base for the rugby match, so I hopped on a shuttle to go check that out for a little bit. The thing over at Scott Base was neat, wish I hadn't eaten dinner at Willy because there was a bunch of food that looked and smelled really good! Hopped another shuttle back to Willy, fueled the last plane, closed things down, then headed back to McMurdo. That little errand ended up taking 11 hours. Thankfully, I got to have a little fun in the meantime!

Annual Kiwi/American rugby match
Some spectators at the rugby matchKiwi/American rugby match

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