Monday, February 13, 2006
posted 2/13/2006 11:36:00 PM UTC+12, McMurdo Local Time

Monday night update

Busy day for me - not exactly breakneck pace, but I was busy working on one thing or another from walking in the door until an hour and a half afer we're supposed to get done. Big change from sitting around at Willy waiting for airplanes to stop by and take fuel! Started out the morning with a transfer to fuel the powerplant with Seth, which involved a little standing scree/rock glissade where I accidentally smashed my radio (we all carry handheld VHF walkie talkies on the job - handy and tough little buggers!) Fortunately, it turned out that we had a couple broken ones back in the barn, including one that had gotten dropped in salt water - the electronics were fried but the plastic shell was good! Put together a working radio from the good parts, then fixed some other little tools and things around the barn while waiting for the powerplant transfer to get done.

We're anticipating the Polar Star will arrive late tonight and take on fuel tomorrow - 500,000 gallons of fuel to one boat! Doc and I spent a fair amount of the day getting setup for that operation, did several little things that would be hard to explain quickly. Then this afternoon we had some weather blow in which resulted in a couple LC130s being diverted to Pegasus, where for whatever reason the visibility was much better than at Willy. Usually the LC130s stay at Willy, it's a little bit of a hassel to deal with them out at Pegasus. Not that big of a deal, but we had did have to quickly shuffle a couple people from Willy out to Pegasus and replace the missing Willy people with town crew, so although I was on town crew I spent the last few hours of the day out at Willy. The Twin Otters have now all left, so we'll only be dealing with LC130s and C17s from now on! For the first time in a few weeks, I managed to have a regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner - and all at the same place!

The lighting is getting all pretty again!

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