Thursday, June 09, 2005
posted 6/09/2005 02:31:00 PM UTC+12, McMurdo Local Time

Physical Day!

This morning I woke up to the alarm clock for the first time in a while, but now that it's bright outside when I need to get up, it's not that bad! Took the bus and light rail over to the doctor's office down in Centennial (that's basically SE Denver) to get my physical. The physical wasn't bad, pretty quick although it was very thorough. While I was there, I talked to the nurse about getting a tetanus immunization since RPSC requires one to be current within the last 10 years and I couldn't find record of my last one. She went ahead and gave me the shot, so that's covered too! At this point, all I'm going to have to do is get the Tuberculin test checked and get a couple minor cavities filled then I should be good to go! After the exam, I grabbed some lunch in the medical facility, then headed over to the bus stop and back to Boulder. Learned one lesson on the way back - the ticket machines at the Denver light rail stations give change in the form of dollar coins, so don't feed them a $20 unless you want a whole bunch of those dumb dollar coins to get rid of!

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