Sunday, February 19, 2006
posted 2/19/2006 03:16:00 PM UTC+12, McMurdo Local Time

Q:Subject: No Blog Postings
Body: My God Skittles, did the talk about the AT go really really badly? Are you OK? -Morph

A:Hey Morph! Nope, the AT talk actually went really well, just been busy and too worn out to put together any new blog posts. Ended up talking about the trail for over two hours, had lots of questions and good crowd interaction, very good time! Several people down here have plans to hike the AT within the next year or two, so they had some very insightful questions and observations that made things stay interesting.

There's been a string of going away parties down here for the last week or so, which has left me pretty wiped out. Station is getting pretty quiet, think we're going to be under the 500 people mark after tomorrow's flight leaves. Winterovers are getting moved into their new rooms (they get a whole room to themselves over the winter, but have to share during summer,) and those of us who are leaving are working on travel plans. I have today off, so it'll be good for getting some recovery time in.

About to go visit with some friends who are leaving tomorrow, might get around to taking care of laundry and getting my things packed up in preperation for leaving in a week or less. The first sunset of the year will happen tonight (technically early tomorrow morning,) so I'm very tempted to stay up for that, which will inevitably lead to a groggy Ian at work tomoorrow, but that's nothing new (for me or most of the station) over the last couple weeks ;).

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